Earn money with Crypto currency Sweat coin App walking

If you move one thousand steps, the Sweet App-sweat app offers you a zero size (0.95) sweet. According to the startup company, not only in the last quarter, its earnings increased by 266 percent, but last year there were 50 million users, out of which 20 million active users are using it regularly.

At Apple and the Google App Store, currently one of the fastest-selling apps is Sweat Coin, which improves your health as well as a charity currency (a kind of digital currency).

It is now a popular downloadable and installed an app on the App Store and the Google Play Store, and its second number on the App Store is available on both Apple and Play Store.


This app is very easy to install first install the app then turn on GPS location on Smartphone. After this, it provides financial benefits by counting your step but not in the form of money, but in the form of sweet coins, which you can buy gift cards, fitness devices, and many other items. The list of sweet coins matching you increases as you move your steps.


Its free version is available that describes limited options, such as installing free versions, you can win more than five sweet coins in a day, but there are lots of benefits in the price app that lets you run on the go Can get more money for sweat. Currently, it is for the United States and the UK, while it will be introduced in Asia and other countries soon. Company co-founder Oleg Fomenko said that in the next phase you will also be able to pay your tax on the sweet coin. While open source block China ‘DLT’ technology will be set up, people will also be able to exchange sweet coin and business.

Whatsapp introduced new version Whatsapp for business

Smartphone’s leading Messenger Whatsapp introduced a new business app for business purposes. According to reports, this app has been named “Whatsapp for  Business”, while it is equipped with features aimed at more details on the profiles of these enterprises, such as Email address, nature of the business, shops or office addresses and website registration will be available. Smart Messaging tools will be available and will be available at any time, using MySpace and Greetings. How many messages they have?


Many of these users have accessed and how many readers. Those people who are using a business number and personal number will be able to use both of these Watts App Business and Watts App Messenger for two different types of devices. Currently, this app has been introduced to Android users. No announcement has been made for IOS devices. This app will also work on Watts App on Desktop Web Browser. The App has previously stated that all businesses Institutions, who confirm their overall phone number, will see a confirmation seen or tick on their profile.


According to the same way last year, Business Accounts were turned into Green Wary focus on Whatsapp Messenger last year. The company says other users will be able to use the standard app in general and they come from businesses Messages will be able to block numbers and report their spam. At this time, this new app is available in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom and the United States and will be presented worldwide in the coming weeks

Russia started work on their separate database,IP addresses

Russia started working on its own free internet-making project, which will not depend on Western countries. According to the IRB’s web portal, Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered the government in 2017 to free the half-server Start negotiations with countries to prepare. In addition to Russia, in addition to Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa are domains. This domain name is Diane S. and it is possible until August this year. Users database on these servers, IPS Addresses and hosting will be

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According to observers, if Russia builds its root servers, it would be like this to succeed in establishing a separate Internet. There have been a number of changes in recent years regarding the Internet in Cross. Many people had to go to the jail after sharing something on social websites, as well as on VPN services in the country. The Russian government is now stepping forward one step further. According to Russian officials, the United States and many European countries have a monopoly on the Internet and they make the Internet rules, which Russia calls a serious threat to its security. .If Russia establishes its root servers; it will be from the International Cooperation for Assisted Seminars and Numbers.

According to Russia, threats of foreign intervention in this country’s internal affairs can be reduced. Russian President Putin calls the Internet a CIA device. Masco believes Russia’s conflict between Russia and Western countries has increased since Ukraine separates Ukraine from Russia and made a part of Russia. According to a high official, Russia does not isolate itself from the Internet, but in fact, he wants to eliminate foreign interference through the Internet.


Samsung announced Smartphone, Galaxy S 9 will be next month

According to the unique website, the couple, the company’s President, DJ Koh, confirmed that he would soon launch a new mobile set, but he did not give his final date. It is likely that the new Smartphone will be launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) annual conference that is held in Barcelona next month in Barcelona.

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According to analysts, the Galaxy S Known Plus will be featured with Galaxy S. nine. Earlier, Samsung presented a Galleries S 8 and S 8 Plus phone. The design and camera of both of these models were liked, and in the meantime consumers also complained of the incident of the Gillian Note S 9, which had many batteries around the globe, and then not only the Galleries Note Sean. It had to come back but it also affected the reputation of the company.

However, Samsung’s new phone details are not in front of yet. It is believed that the place of fingerprint sensor underneath the camera may be replaced by consumers who are troubling consumers and will be better positioned when it costs about $800. DJ Koh has said that he has a flexible phone call in 2018, which could be a pleasant experience for consumers in many ways.

However, the exact meaning of the foldable is not yet clear. It is clear that the MWC annual festival will continue from February 26 to March.

VIVO Introduce phone with fingerprints touch screen sensor

At present, there is a war in the preparation of such Smartphone display between Apple and Samsung, which is within the fingerprint scanner screen, but a Chinese company Vivo has left behind both major companies in this case. In Consumer Electronics, Vivo introduced a Smartphone, which has been given inside the front screen of the fingerprint sensor device. At this time, other companies are busy installing the Smartphone display basil, and therefore the fingerprint censorship in Front space is over and it has to be moved back or back

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The 2018 unique technology equipment company has been working for a long time to include the fingerprint sensor inside the screen and it has now been completed successfully. This company had experienced this prototype phone last year in the previous year. And at the time, the ultrasonic sensor used an ultraviolet sensor with coccal-um. But now improving this technology, the optical base fingerprint sensor has been developed and now on a special screen of the screen, the LED panel shakes up and phones can be locked.

The good thing is that this phone is equipped with desktops and the company intends to offer it for sale at any time this year. Galaxy and iPhone’s combined design new designer has been told that this new the trend that is most popular among Smartphone’s this year, was expected to introduce this technology to Apple’s X-X (10), but it could not happen, but Samsung did not do it in Galaxy S 8 and Notebook. Failure was encountered while S 9 could not possibly be available.

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According to the Chinese company, it is the process of registering a fingerprint. The other fingerprint sensor of the phone is the same simply place your finger on an icon at the bottom of the display and hold it under pressure until the skiing process is completed. This registration process will take longer than other phones, but it is not a particular issue.

2018 will be the year of ending fake news from Facebook

The fastest fake news has influenced its popularity by social media site Facebook, which is increasingly popular worldwide, but now it has declared 2018 as a key year for preventing fraudulent news. Founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that 2018 will be a year of fake news from fake news, preventing fraudulent news and preventing hatred is not less than any challenge.


He says that the company has made many mistakes in implementing its policies to prevent fake news and prevent fraudulent use of this platform. Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post that he was a personal optimization of 2018. It will be a year to give a clear policy to mislead Facebook and to prevent fraudulent news. “Mark said that the world is very divided and disturbed, and in this situation, there is a lot to do in order to make the world aware of hatred and deprivation. The founder of the Foundation said that the social media platform used to make it useful for people who had a very valuable time. Let’s just do


Millions of computers and mobile hackers with Intel Chip

Millions of computers, laptops and mobile phones have been revealed to be the leading US Company ‘Intel’s Chip-supported support hack. It is not yet clear that how to hack into smart devices with Intel-chip, but it has been confirmed that security threats were found in Intel’s chip, which caused millions of devices to be affected. The British Technology Institute “The Register” first of all told that the most important part of the security of Intel Chip is ‘Colonel ‘Things have been found, which has affected millions of smart devices around the world.


According to the report, all types of Intel’s chip devices have been revealed to be affected by the last 10 years, because this error in Chip is a decade old. Impact devices include ‘Apple’ ‘Linux’ and ‘Microsoft’ computers and other devices. ‘Intel introduces human-minded computer-based chip, according to the Croatia report, all Intel-chip-powered devices, including computers and mobile phones, need to be updated because of security errors in these devices. Speed decreased, On the other hand, Intel has said security problems in his chip after the fact that this problem is not limited only to the chip made of them, but also on the other hand, and it was found in chip and software jointly shared with different organizations.

Intel added in his statement that after the disorder came out, work on chip restoration was started when the complete details regarding this would be published next week. Intel did not deny his statement that the complaints of mischief in his chances are wrong; however, the company also put its rubble on its co-companies.
Intel’s introduction of Core 18’s new CPU has stated that due to chip failure, the final information about issues related to computer and mobile devices are being collected, which will be issued next week.

In the statement, it was not told that the damage to the computer and mobile devices has been stolen after possibly disrupting the chip, but it is believed that data of millions of people might have been stolen. Due to an instability of chip instantaneous complaints have been made only by computers or mobile slowdowns. Estimate, 23% of the support of Intel’s chip devices was slower and 17% of the devices were slow down.

Do Samsung and LG also slow their old mobile?

On a weekend, the US Company Apple admitted that he deliberately slows his old iPhones, so that his battery life can be increased. After the severe reaction from the people, Apple made the old iPhone we also had the ability to slow down. We rejected the company’s reputation and accused the company of such purpose so that the user should compel to take a new phone.

Apple has since apologized for the perplexity encompassing its execution battery life choices. While it’s great that Apple needs to broaden the life of its handsets (particularly as the organization has experienced harsh criticism that it purposefully backs off gadgets when new models are discharged), straightforwardness is key here. Individuals ought to be educated about issues this way, and maybe it ought to be up to the client how the harmony between battery life and execution is taken care of on a telephone.

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After Apple’s case, it was also believed that other companies would slowly slow down their mobile phones. Recognizing Apple’s old iPhone’s slowdown, keeping in mind the concerns of mobile users, Korean company ‘Samsung’ and ‘LG’ have said in their descriptive statement that they do not work as Apple’s policy. In Samsung and LG’s Emails to Telecommunications Broadcasting Agency Arena.com, They do not slow down their old mobile phones

LG Electronics said in its short statement that he does not slow down any of his old Smart Mobile phones, and the company estimates what his customers are expecting from him. Samsung also confirmed in his descriptive email because he does not slow down any of his old Smart Ends or other phones

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According to Samsung, the battery problem in another cell phone, the company does not reduce its CPU speed through special software while increasing mobile phone life. Although Samsung does not reduce the speed of its old mobile phones. However, its mobile phones are facing problems. On December 28th, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 battery also reported an alarming complaint, according to consumers according to the user’s mobile phone accurately charging. No, there was no reaction to Samsung after complaining in the battery.


Apple apologized to slow down the iPhone battery replacement $29

Apple Company apologized to slowly slow down the iPhone. Appreciating the slowdown of Apple iPhone by Apple Company, it was said that its phones were slow in performance over time. Let’s go after the confession of the Apple Company, the worldwide consumers of the world consumers were criticized when the demand for sales and sales of Apple’s new Smartphone came into consideration.

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Apple’s company apologizes with iPhone users after the reduction in the purchase of iPhone in the market according to international media, saying that the new phones will be released in 2018; the batteries will be replaced as the price of the iPhone. The operating system will also be updated to the IOS, which will allow users to feel that their phone’s battery has become more and better than ever. In addition, the US Tech Company has announced that consumers will now be able to convert batteries into a lower price, i.e., worth $ 79 in the purchase of $ 29.

Processor speed is only one bit of the battery-and execution administration baffle, as indicated by Apple: iPhones with more established batteries may likewise more forcefully diminish their screens, have brought down greatest speaker volumes, and even have their camera flashes debilitated when the framework needs more pinnacle control than the battery can give. Be that as it may, other center highlights, similar to the cell radio, GPS, and camera quality, aren’t influenced, Apple says. The entire approach very shrewd, however, intelligence isn’t an incredible substitute for speed

The Apple Company’s apology has come after the confession, in which they acknowledged the slow and low charge of the speed of the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and SSE batteries, causing the iPhone to shut down and shut down. After the confession of the Confirmation, the client had to say after Kaifal’s confession that the company deliberately does so that people should buy new phones except for the oldest phones and some consumers in the future also bought phones for other companies to buy Smartphone’s. Was it Apart from this, many consumers and retailers also expressed the idea of the legal lawsuit and cases of Apple, that’s why the purchase of new and modern models of iPhone came to see a clear decline.

It is clear that Apple Company had admitted that this process was done without consuming the knowledge of the consumer, but the company said it does not mean that its purpose is to force users to take a new phone. The iPhone further added that the lack of iPhone capabilities was made under the security measures if the iPhone does not slow down on time, they may soon be incomplete broken or broken off the complaint. May come in front of

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Why i Phones Slow? The company itself confessed

Even if the new model of the iPhone comes into the market, the old-fashioned owners of the question seem to ask why “My iPhone has slowed down?” This apple iPhone maker, Apple, made a surprise confession. It’s self-resolved. Apple for the first time the company has admitted that its software reduces processor speed if the battery is out of date. Many users have complained that their iPhone Updates are slow after installing             According to Mail Online, “Apple”, the largest American company in the world of technology, has acknowledged the technology experts have been saying that the speed of the processor speed of the Apple iPhone battery is also reduced to itself.

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Now Apple has given a detailed statement, which has been acknowledged that the company limited the performance of older phones via software updates, and so an older iPhone can be saved from a sudden shutdown problem. Apple explains that software updates designed for iPhone 6, iPhone 6, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 reduce the demand, save the phone from shouting and extend battery life. And due to updates, the phone speed also has a significant decrease.

Apple says that they also feature this feature in the future. Will be used in other products.While Apple’s customers have grown upset after this confession, and many people say they would like to buy Samsung or any other Smartphone instead of phones. One Twitter user on this issue “Now since Apple has admitted it slowly deleting old iPhone, I also admit that I will not buy the next iPhone.”



Honda has decided to bring its new car in front of Toyota Prius, which has ended its production four years ago. The vehicle named Honda Insight is returning to the Japanese company in 2018 and its new version came in January next month. This hybrid vehicle will be introduced Detroit Motor Show and it will tweet the Toyota hybrid vehicle. The front and grill of the car, like a typical Sedan in the United, is inspired by the design of Honda Civic. This car has been completely redirected to people before the advent of the Honda Civic 2018 model.


            A standout amongst the most famous half and halves all inclusive has quite recently touched base in India in an all-new symbol. The new age demonstrates was propelled globally a year ago and was likewise exhibited by the Japanese carmaker at the 2016 Auto Expo in India. The auto is in plain view at Toyota dealerships the nation over, while appointments have likewise started for the completely transported in the display. The fourth era Toyota Prius Hybrid comes outfitted with LED headlamps, LED fog lamps, journey control, JBL speakers, head up show, remote charging, electrically movable driver’s seat, multi-work controlling haggle Entry framework for the driver and traveler with push begin catch


The better design of the Bureaucrats Honda has already been improved and its features of the swine have been leaked, while a large touchscreen tablet also has an instantaneous screen. Honda has designed this car for the US, but it is expected to be offered for sale in other countries. The company currently does not show details about car engines and other vehicles, but it is clear it will be equipped with the Hybrid system.

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Honda will be present at the Prototype model at Detroit Motor Show and will be presented for sale regularly in 2019. Why decide to buy Honda Civic? The five-seat car with a swing Better while there is a slight decrease from the record, space will be placed in the list of Honda vehicles. It is possible that the announcement of this price will also be done with the prototype model.

New Model of iPhone x, iPhone 8, Could not impress users

Luckily, Apple has, for the most part, appreciated effective iPhone dispatches each year. The organization has a solid reputation for presenting new highlights that customers pine for so much that they line up for quite a long time. In the interim, Apple has possessed the capacity to overcome earlier supply imperatives without lifting a finger, especially back when Tim Cook was CEO and earned the notoriety of being a skilled store network organizer and proficient administrator.

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There are two principle ways that an iPhone could slump: The item itself could neglect to inspire and the request could vacillate, or Apple could neglect to execute in taking care of demand regardless of whether the item is solid. It’s this last situation that is right now unfurling before our eyes.

According to the British website, users say that the Apple iPhone X battery’s battery operates neither late nor this model is durable. According to the users, there is a lot of caution to use the iPhone X, it is extremely spectacular in viewing and its camera is perfect, but the delegate screen and the rear body of the glass are much delegated.


It was told that iPhone X is required to protect, however, its cover should be used so that if the phone falls in error, the crutches will be saved from scratches. The head of Smartphone Testing report: Richard Fiasco’s report was said that the iPhone X model is very excellent, its color Display screen and brilliant display are optimized, but this model is set in durability and if compared with previous models of iPhone, iPhone 7 and 7 plus is more durable than this model. According to the report, the iPhone X battery it runs for approximately 20 hours, compared to that Samsung S8 and 8 Plus battery runs up to 26 hours.

According to the report, some users say that Apple newly introduced three new smartphones, iPhones 8, 8 plus and X  less good than iPhone 7 and 7 plus that is also durable and their battery also works for a long time.


The Google Company, a giant-ranked company for conglomerate companies, opened its first center in China for the first time in continent Asia. It is surprising that many Google technologies are banned in China, but nevertheless, the US Company has opened its first center to benefit from Chinese technology experts. Goggles has opened its first ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) Center in Beijing


Not only by the population is the first but the only Central Asia center in the world’s largest country in the world. Through this center, Google will develop technology with artificial intelligence, not only the centers present in other Google continents. Will be able to get help, but also provide support to them.

Silicon Valley is concentrating vigorously on the future applications for AI. China has likewise demonstrated solid help for AI advancement and for getting up to speed with the US.  Research into counterfeit consciousness can possibly enhance a scope of innovations, from self-driving autos and mechanized processing plants to interpretation items and facial acknowledgment programming.

Apart from Beijing, Google A.I centers are present in New York, Toronto, London, and Zurich. “Beijing Center” is a small start of this new purpose, through which the US Company wants to give the benefits of the people of the region, “said Professor Fei-Fei Li,, in his blog post about the opening of the AI center in Beijing. Fei-Fei Li Professor said that there is no border of technology, he serves all without any border discipline, and every someone benefits


Google’s chief scientist said he had been teaching 12 years of artificial intelligence, while working in Google, he became one year old, he is very happy that the US company has opened its first center in China. According to Professor Per Liu, Chinese engineers and experts regarding artificial intelligence, 43% of Chinese experts were experts in the world’s 100 best science journals regarding arbitrary intelligence.

It is being said that Opinion Center to develop Google’s artificial intelligent technologies in China will not only provide opportunities to Chinese experts but other Asian countries. It is the first time a major global and American the Company has opened its own in China; local technology companies are well known. Google’s most competitive competition will be from technology companies such as ‘Ali Baba, Tencent, and Baidu’, which produce various products like Google



Audi has advanced its driver help innovation so far that you don’t should be in the driver’s seat. What better approach to panic other street clients than an unmanned auto that can discover and gather you with a solitary summon from your cell phone. Audi is the famous German manufacturer to manufacture cars, which is involved in non-driving companies operating in the car park. The current sophisticated vehicle for the A7 sports buck, named Jack, is named the most popular of the electronic products. Worldwide Exhibition CES 2015 – From Silicon Valley, California to Las Vegas, a trip to Las Vegas is ready to travel automatically without a driver. Self-driving car models developed by Audi have been continuous for years of continuous years. Improvements are passing through these models can be run both in a way, a normal mode that drives a normal vehicle like a driver, and the second autopilot in which the vehicle operates automatically. Different types of sensors like speed turning speed enhancements, breaks and overtaking etc.

The information obtained from the automatic is automatically displayed. The model car presented in the same global exhibition for the last year also demonstrated auto-driving. During overriding, another system was overwhelmed by a systematic error in which the carrier had to control the vehicle by “drive”. But this time the company is determined to complete the new Car Jack A7 technology.


After passing through various stages of development and trial, it has become so strong. It’s going to reach 900 kilometers away from Marathon in confidence. Auto Pilot Support Censor: Autopilot feature, which automatically drives the car without a driver, is a complex system consisting of different sensors.

In this system, stand-in long-range range radar, two Front and Back-to-border Radar Road and the vehicles behind the back detection are used to detect extensions. Similarly, a laser-liner also supports the radar system for identification of around vehicles. 3D Front Camera for Visual Recognition of the Environment, along with two Front and Two Back Camera cameras send continuously to the computer in front of the front and back. The graphics container and signal processor and the graphics contained in the main computer. Received from GPS.The graphics contained in Main Capture Control Controls, Brakes, and Accelerators, like a specialist driver, using their algorithms based on the converter and signal processor and the signal obtained from the GPS. On the other hand, this car can run from 0 to 113 km an hour and during this time it can go to the other line and make a vehicle even more securely secure. But when the vehicle is in a busy area, In this case, it will flash the signal so that the driver can handle the control. In case of not controlling the driver’s control, the car itself will stop on side

Fears: Depending on long-road driving on the road depends on the line for the mark on the road, so if these lines are met due to markets or candles, then in this case, staying in line for line is very difficult to bend. It will be more difficult to do so. Not being able to drive in urban and remote areas, it indicates that Audi’s system is not so reliable yet enough to be called a complete auto-driving car. However, even if the features described in the system but on the road in the next few years, at least on the road, at least on the road, while driving the driver during driving will be able to access


Facebook introduce New Messenger app for Kids Under 13

Facebook has opened its doors for children for the first time under the age of 13 years and has introduced a new app for this purpose. This app named Messenger Kid is currently introduced in the US, which is an IOS device. It will be available for Android users, and they will be able to use children under the age of 13 years worldwide. This new app is based on privacy, in which children’s parents will load their child’s uploads into a tablet or a tablet, make profiles for them, and approve friends. With this app, kids will be able to help with their friends and relatives with the text and video chat manager.

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With the help of the Messenger app. The children no required to sign on or sign up on Facebook for this. It is not necessary to say that children are now used to use technology devices from a very short time. However, till now, children less than 13 years of age were not permitted to create a Facebook account. And in this new app, there will not be children’s Facebook accounts as a parent account will be made from the parent account’s Facebook account. According to Facebook, when this app is downloaded, you must first have your Facebook account authority, after which the first the need to create an account Last name, which shall not be public search in the app will be free of advertising

Parents will be able to add contacts to the children’s account and communicate with their children by communicating with their Messenger account. And if they advertise their friend If you want to do this, it will be possible only when parents are a friend’s. Fifth courtesy Facebook Fans like parents can arrange children’s contacts, while children can block anyone whose notification to parents it will be received. Even Facebook has promised that if they consider an account as dangerous will be