The Google Company, a giant-ranked company for conglomerate companies, opened its first center in China for the first time in continent Asia. It is surprising that many Google technologies are banned in China, but nevertheless, the US Company has opened its first center to benefit from Chinese technology experts. Goggles has opened its first ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) Center in Beijing


Not only by the population is the first but the only Central Asia center in the world’s largest country in the world. Through this center, Google will develop technology with artificial intelligence, not only the centers present in other Google continents. Will be able to get help, but also provide support to them.

Silicon Valley is concentrating vigorously on the future applications for AI. China has likewise demonstrated solid help for AI advancement and for getting up to speed with the US.  Research into counterfeit consciousness can possibly enhance a scope of innovations, from self-driving autos and mechanized processing plants to interpretation items and facial acknowledgment programming.

Apart from Beijing, Google A.I centers are present in New York, Toronto, London, and Zurich. “Beijing Center” is a small start of this new purpose, through which the US Company wants to give the benefits of the people of the region, “said Professor Fei-Fei Li,, in his blog post about the opening of the AI center in Beijing. Fei-Fei Li Professor said that there is no border of technology, he serves all without any border discipline, and every someone benefits


Google’s chief scientist said he had been teaching 12 years of artificial intelligence, while working in Google, he became one year old, he is very happy that the US company has opened its first center in China. According to Professor Per Liu, Chinese engineers and experts regarding artificial intelligence, 43% of Chinese experts were experts in the world’s 100 best science journals regarding arbitrary intelligence.

It is being said that Opinion Center to develop Google’s artificial intelligent technologies in China will not only provide opportunities to Chinese experts but other Asian countries. It is the first time a major global and American the Company has opened its own in China; local technology companies are well known. Google’s most competitive competition will be from technology companies such as ‘Ali Baba, Tencent, and Baidu’, which produce various products like Google



Usually, Bitcoin value is compared to the dollar value. According to Bloomberg, Thursday evening a value of coin reached approximately 6800 USD.

At present, the total value of the market used in the market is $ 110 billion and has seen seven times increase in its value in the past one year. It is believed that due to the latest increase in bit value, it is announced that the US Company CME Group has announced. The company said that they will introduce the bit-new product to this market by the end of this year.

First Bitcoin was introduced in January 2009 which value 7 to 8 USA Dollar in first year, later it was less than a thousand dollars in June 2013 and starting early 2017 its value also six to nine hundred dollar             Cambridge University researcher, Michael Hellmann, told the BBC, “It has been a great year for new technology and virtual currencies, which has led to increasing the value of bitcoin.” If this price increases, I will not be surprised. ‘

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Greg Hellman further added that the dispute between North Korea and the United States has increased interest in the countries of the sides because people are avoiding investing in dollar and yen. But Hellmann warned that if government agencies could take action against digital currency, it could revenue the value.

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Bitcoin is called a new type of currency. Although the value of other currencies is determined in the same way how people use it. Butt transfer is used to use ‘mining’ in which the computer passes through a difficult calculator and resolves the problem through 64digits

Each problem that resolves makes it a bitcoin cadence. At present, there are more than 150 million buttons. In order to get buttons, the user should have bit corner information, which is about 34-27 words and numbers of digits. These are words and words like a virtual post box. But does not register for any information, so that when people deliver them, they use them to hide their identity. These addresses are saved in the Blockchain technology where that keeps a deposit amount.

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Is Augmented Reality eye-wear ready for customers? Are customers ready for AR?

Increased reality denoted a noteworthy point of reference this year. Out of the blue two innovation titans uncovered their expectations to convey AR to the mass shopper showcase — through cell phones. Apple reported the arrival of its new AR Kit in June, soon took after by the introduction of Google’s AR Core in August, and their particular designers instantly set to work making new purchaser situated AR recreations and applications.

It’s too soon to comprehend what the new biological system of programming and equipment intended to give AR encounters will develop into later on, however, it’s protected to anticipate that AR headsets will be a piece of the photo. So why AR is all of a sudden prepared for mass utilization? What’s more, for what reason aren’t we jumping (mystically!) into AR glasses?

The appropriate responses are sufficiently basic: Technology sets aside opportunity to create and clients require time to adapt. With any problematic innovation, the exemplary reception bend, for the most part, remains constant: trailblazers, to begin with, trailed by early adopters, early greater part, late lion’s share and, at last, slow pokes … your grandmother.

On the advancement direction, Snap Filters and Pokémon GO warm up the customer showcase, in very little stages, for a heartier AR encounter on their cell phones. What is a lot of; the cellular phone is getting ready for the subsequent purpose of reference within the improvement of AR: headsets. We {will we are able to} anticipate that consumers will take once the run of the mill appropriation bend with AR headsets, equally as they’d for any new innovation.

All things thought of, before AR eyeglasses area unit ready to travel normal, manufacturers have one or two of obstacles to clear, as well as price, frame, capability, and substance.

For mass-advertise selection, AR glasses should be valued serenely under $1,000; early adopters are probably going to decide on a couple of advanced glasses on the off chance that they cost about the same as a top of the line telephone ($700 to $900).

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In a couple of years, after a few cycles of advancement and uses of Moore’s Law, bearers may well finance AR glasses, or possibly offer them at discount costs, which would essentially drop costs, lessen the apparent hazard and promptly expanded deals among early larger part and late lion’s share shoppers. Bearers could conceivably profit by significantly higher billable system utilization, as overwhelming handling fueled applications combined with diversion utilization are probably going to predominate most customers’ telephone information use. Additionally, the mass-scale reception of AR glasses itself will drive costs down as the creation costs scale.


The size and weight of the glasses are important to patrons, and in lightweight of the very fact that optical innovation majorly affects size and weight; it is a basic phase within the form issue that savvy glass producers got to ace. The foremost progressive optics empower manufacturers to form very little, sleek eyeglasses and keep them very little and lightweight, with the chance to convey considerably a lot of versatile utility

Accomplishing the correct frame factor will likewise expect makers to consider the setup of the glasses. Will AR glasses be an independent item, or will they require an outer control box to house control sources and processors? Will buyers wear savvy glasses that are fastened to their telephones or a control box? They may if the glasses themselves look nerd chic and offer a huge incentive to wearers. Beats give a decent case of resisting the pattern, with its curiously large, fastened earphones that succeeded fiercely in the period of earbuds and Bluetooth.

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The key issues of battery life and proficiency could turn into a detour to creating ideal usefulness. As of now, there’s a surge in speculations for organizations in this space, as Micro vast and Gridtential Energy, two organizations rehashing the customary battery science. We can expect creative battery organizations like these to greatly affect the AR business, not slightest by giving a more effective battery to control AR glasses.

Processors running hot are a hindrance to accomplishing crest usefulness, too. A great part of the fundamental usefulness of AR glasses, from following a client’s situation and developments to creating geologically precise logical overlaid content, brings about finished warmed processors. Dispersing that warmth is a test numerous AR glasses producers with head-worn processors presently can’t seem to comprehend.


Building up the correct UI is another essential advance toward making headsets standard. With AR Kit, AR Core and Face book’s AR Studio making ready for designers to construct AR-empowered applications, hope to see content creation detonate throughout the following 12-year and a half. A definitive AR client experience and reliability to one AR framework will rely upon offering clients the perfect UI for exploring the new AR environment.

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Changing Domain Name won’t give you nation particular Google list

You can never again physically enter joined states code top-level territory names to benefit nation particular offerings for Google Search and Maps on the Web and the Google iOS application. Google made the announcement on Friday, claiming the move was once aimed at making search effects greater nearby and relevant.

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Nation offerings used to be exceptional by the assembled conditions of America code top-level area names (ccTLD, for example, for France or for England. In any case, this control will never again work. Google will now display impacts construct absolutely with respect to the territory identified. The venture will now truly indicate what the USA has been identified on the base of the list items page.

Detailing the modifications in a weblog post, Evelyn Kao, Product Manager at Google, said, “Today, we’ve got updated the way we label United States services on the cell web, the Google app for iOS, and computing device Search and Maps. Now the preference of United States service will no longer be indicated via domain. Instead, with the aid of default, you’ll be served the USA carrier that corresponds to your location. So if you live in Australia, you’ll mechanically get hold of u.s.a Service for Australia, however, hen you tour to New Zealand, your consequences will swap routinely to the United States of America carrier for New Zealand. Upon return to Australia, you will seamlessly revert returned to the Australian united states service.”

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Google’s different offerings such as Gmail, Google Earth, and YouTube already functioning this way. However, there is some hope for these who count number on checking search effects from different countries, or, in the case the wrong region has been detected.

Google permits customers to choose the USA. Provider they desire to  acquire from search settings


World biggest social website   Facebook now launches new headset name “OCULUS GO” in the next year 2018.According to different resources news relevant technology giant facebook, C.E.O MR Mark Zuckerberg announced new mobile VR headset which price is $199.He says that is most accessible headset similar experience for the user to  Gear Rift VR  allow to spun but not moving freely.

Some days ago Google also launches Pixel Buds Headset for his customer, maybe this is unlike the high-end Oculus Rift headset that’s out now, the device will not require a dedicated PC to function, the report said. It will instead be designed to work without an external power supply.

A Facebook spokesperson told. “We don’t have a product to unveil at this time, however, we can confirm that we’re making several significant technology investments in the standalone VR category This is in addition to our commitment to high-end VR products like Oculus Rift and mobile phone products like Gear VR.”

The independent portable headset gives Oculus the guarantee of a restored low-end versatile system that can enable the organization to grow past their Samsung association for Gear VR. Oculus Go will truly open up another market to Facebook, enabling them to maybe gradually move far from depending on telephone makers like Samsung for their entry level VR encounters.

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Mark Zuckerberg also said Facebook interesting to spend billion dollar investment in developing VR.

Facebook previous Rift headset temporary cost $400, but new manufacture china brand standalone VR headset may be available for customer $199

Dash could be the response for engineers and other people who fix together different physical screens to give them additional screen space. Dash will make the screen surrounding you, so you could push your music application behind you, and leave visit applications in the sky while your entire forward-looking perspective is devoured by the current work. Spending entire work days inside VR sounds somewhat debilitating, however for bad-to-the-bone multi-taskers, Dash could genuinely be the new processing stage

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That is maybe the end of a smartphone.Facebook wanted to connect all  global world with each other using this new virtual reality technology


According to Twitter Product Manager, a company working for new feature “SAVE FOR LATER” in his social site which may be available in next month for user recently announcement. This feature was highly requested many users around the globe. A Twitter team would love your feedback to design a new feature for users.

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Feature Details

As a Twitter client, you have unearthed a tweet or tweet string that you needed to see later however lost it in the midst of the interminable spilling of tweets. For all such disappointed Twitter clients, there is soon going to be a fix

If you wanted to bookmark your tweet in a browser, you are busy with some friends or some important meeting this feature will help you to read later when you are free without hitting LIKE button… You can also use these options in future to watch the video later. Twitter product Manager Jesrar shah also says now our services identical and how it looks operated rollout last month announcement of 280 characters of tweet capacity increases previous tweet capacity only 140 words

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Resulting from a Hack Week, Twitter is presently building up a local component that ought to give a simpler option that looks after security. The model shared by the PM demonstrates the administration’s portable site and highlights a flood symbol in lieu of the DM catch in the fundamental sustain. A board flies up with another “Add to Bookmarks” catch, and also the consistent “Offer by means of DM” alternative.

You can here visit tweet of Jesrar shah company product Manager

Top 10 Technologies banned across the world amazing info

Today we are living in a technology world, our life mostly depends upon recent technologies invention. We all mostly use social media, like facebook, twitter, chat application like WhatsApp, we chat, taxi app,iPhone app, and Smartphone, our main topic which 10 countries where some technology banned from his government

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1: Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Youtube
China government banned Facebook, Whatsapp, Google in his countries, as usual, China promotes his own made product, so the citizen of China uses own technologies search engine and chat app.Bangladesh also banned temporary Facebook in 2010 due to security reason, Pakistan also banned YouTube but recently again open

2: VPN
Russian Securities authorities sign a law which implements Nov 2017 to ban some website which accesses through censored content with the help of VPN (Virtual Private Network)

3: iPods in Israel
Israel also banned iPods in 2010, duration not be longer than two weeks

4: Mobile phone in Cuba
President Federal Castro banned Mobile Phone in 2008 in Cuba; Castro assumed mobile Company spreading suspicious activities of US Government in Cuba

5: Video Games in Midnight
South Korea government passes a law online Video game banned after midnight to 06:00 am less than 18 age in 2011

6: BlackBerry
In 2010 Saudi Arabia Ban sending receiving SMS, email which sending through Blackberry
Pakistan is the other country which banned Blackberry messaging and internet service due to security concern in 2016

7: Google Street View cars
Austria and Greece also banned Google Street View cars roaming due to privacy concern, after sometimes later service ban lifted but strict privacy policy

8: Facebook free basic internet scheme
In Feb. 2016.India bans free basics internet scheme, while scheme offers free internet services in the certain website. The scheme actually for developing countries to provide affordable internet service in these areas. Due to securities breaches Government and internet service provider ban this now in India

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9: Apple News
In 2015 China, Majority of Apple news user met the message in the display area “Sorry news is not supported in your area” unless Access through VPN

10: Music for Marathon Runner in the USA
In 2007, Due to safety of Marathon runner portable music devices banned in the USA

Google launches headphone pixel Buds translator of forty languages


Technology giant Google finally launch has the first headphone, the interview of Google product Chief Mario Quiroz announced to a launching a headphone at a celebration organized by the Francesco USA, name (Pixel Buds) which is capable of translating instantly in 40 languages. This is the first time that a large technology company introduced an instrument that is able to translate it instantly into other languages, before the buses of such devices in science fiction

With the help of Wiggle Pixel Bids Headphones, it will be very easy to understand any English language for the help of the headphone because it will be used by going to any country and communicate with the local people, even though it does not include a single word in this language.

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Actually, this wireless headphone works with the Google Transit service, which users already know are well aware. Whenever a user is pressing the headphones to speak in German, and then the user speaks English, Toggle will give German translation of instantaneous sentences from the pixel phone speaker.

Google likewise presented the manufactured savvy speaker at the capacity and furthermore declared the enhanced pixel telephone 2 and pixel 2 XL to any Smartphone. Clients can get distinctive sorts of administrations by tending to the counterfeit insightful Google Assistant by squeezing the telephones of these telephones.

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The unavoidable passing of the bezel was additionally a major driver behind the organization’s turn to P-OLED for the bigger Pixel XL. “It’s another innovation, yet we’re truly amped up for the likelihood of having the capacity to wrap the screen around the side,” clarifies VP Product Management,” Brian Rakowski. “We composed it in a way that is as yet agreed to hold and you’re not really holding the show. It gives you the capacity to get somewhat nearer, so you can begin to see the bend without it being increasingly a blocky, piece of a telephone.”


According to sources instrument may be available for public uses mid-Nov, 2017

Five common mistake using social media like Facebook, twitter avoid

Today we are all living in Global internet village, According to different latest news resources the people of 3.5 billion population of earth now connected with internet and this figure increase with the passage of time. Today we use different social media channel for sharing information to each other, Social media Giant like Facebook, Twitter, we chat, WhatsApp, Instagram Google hangout and also much more.There are also negative aspects of giant media where they have many advantages. Today, people often share their social media up to their daily life, which also threatens to harm them, because in such a way every person gets aware of his movements and personal activities such as shopping. If you want to be safe than 5 such things we tell you never share on Facebook or a social media website.


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This is the first thing ever do not share when you leave the house and when you come back. Because of this, miscellaneous elements can be affected by your usual routine in your home in any way of your absence. Never share your shopping information on social media at the other number, so that people estimate your financial status, and others find out that you have bought everything by buying a valuable item. Never share your presence on social media at the third time. You can also get caught in trouble. Always keep on targeting the location of your social media accounts on the mode of view switch off

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Before sharing anything at the bottom number, take a look at it and make sure that this content will not cause any trouble for you after going to the whole world. Never write the names of your loved ones, relatives, especially children in the fifth number and do not tag them. Do not share pictures of your children that they may recognize, such as the picture taken in school uniforms, the school name is engaged.


Author point of view, different people different opinion and also be different approach, but must be secure your home and personal life to avoid any major incident in life, be happy and enjoy life with social media but must be secure and safe

New virus “Blue Borne” spreading devices through Bluetooth

The typical malware as we all know it these days is typically shrunken malicious links or file downloads that may, in turn, deploy code to infect the host device. These are unit most ordinarily acquired through the web. However, a brand new strain of recently discovered malware has a capability to unfold via Bluetooth that is presently available at least on 8.2 billion devices


Security Company Armis has distinguished a malware that can assault Bluetooth organizing gadgets. It can be risky to keep the Bluetooth on cell phones as unsafe.

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This assault cannot just influence advanced cells, Smartphone’s, tablets, portable PCs, amplifiers and sound frameworks of Smartphones. Around the globe billions of gadgets on which Bluetooth is utilized.

Specialists say programmers can get to the gadgets by means of ‘goods’, whose Bluetooth turn on, with the goal that your portable information can be stolen effortlessly. As indicated by the Commons, There might be numerous destructive programming identified with ‘Bluetooth to Device’, which must be distinguished.

With this unsafe programming, the aggressor can send an infection to the gadget to take information. Weave Bars does not request that clients tap on any connection, but rather to control any Bluetooth gadget. It just requires 10 outrages.

Aramis has built up an application that can distinguish whether your gadget is sheltered or not. This application name is the Blue Barn Volunteer Scanner. The third risk from Blue tooth is “Blow Jacking” which can send spam to various gadgets at the same time. This is the Malware Card (Personal Electronic Card), which may communicate something specific through a note or contact number.

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Generally, it sends the spam to the name of the tooth gadget. It is more hazardous than blasting. The data is additionally stolen through it. It is, for the most part, used to store telephone directory and information. Photographs can likewise be terminated through it; however, this requires programmer clients to be in a 10-meter circle.


All things thought of, it is an apparently not enough to easily use caution of what we have a tendency to do online. BlueBorne shows that even once offline, malware will unfold from one device to a different while not our data. It is suggested to modify off Bluetooth once not in use, will be helpful for attacks like these within in future.

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In this post you we can share a website name where you can easily be known how to sell/buy bitcoin in a major country of the world.


Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency which created unidentified programmer of a group under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.Bitcoin was first introduced with open source software in 2009.There are various claims concerning the identity of Nakamoto which are most popular for confirmation of created Bitcoin.A transaction is made with no middleman meaning, no bank involved to control this currency. No need to give your real name to the merchant. Mostly merchant accepted transaction now.The network is verified transaction is called Block Chain

There are various claims concerning the identity of Nakamoto which are most popular for confirmation of created Bitcoin.A transaction is made with no middle man meaning, no bank involved to control this currency. No need to give your real name to the merchant. Mostly merchant accepted transaction now.The network is verified transaction is called Block Chain.

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There are various claims concerning the identity of Nakamoto which are most popular for confirmation of created Bitcoin.A transaction is made with no middleman meaning, no bank involved to control this currency. No need to give your real name to the merchant. Mostly merchant accepted transaction now.The network is verified transaction is called Block Chain.

The smallest units of Bitcoin called Satoshi which is equal to (.0000000.1btc)


Go to the website name shown in picture or click the link below


No more 21 million Bitcoin can ever be created.Now days approximately 16.5 million Bitcoin circulation in the market. This number figured by examining the arrangement of all unspent exchange yields in the database of a completely checking hub. It incorporates all coins created up until this point (counting those in wallets whose proprietors have overlooked or lost), however, rejects all coins that were probably devastated or inadvertently consumed.

Link for buying selling Bitcoin

Since a couple of days back, Bitcoin’s “appropriation” (the expansion plan) permits up to 12.5 BTC to be made per piece. In around 4 years, that number will split to 6.25. After 4 years it will divide once more. This splitting will proceed until some place around the year 2040 when it will drop to 0. Our main topic Mostly countries people do not know how to exchange Bitcoin in local currency. You may search but result no, so go the click below link for buying selling Bitcoin easily in the major countries of the world. This site safe, secure and peer to peer transaction.

What is Blue Whale Game, How to avoid a suicide game

Blue whale game basically is a social internet game which exists mostly countries in the world now. In this game, administrator gave a 50-day task to a user to complete the challenge, and the lastly challenge requiring the player to commit suicide.

Developer of game

Mr. Philipp Budekini Russian Psychology student Develop this game in 2013.When he informed other he invented Blue whale game. University takes action against and expelled him to the University

Publisher of Game
VK social netwroking social networking services of Russian published this game with the name F57 so-called death group.VK top 500 sites in the world and it also is most popular social networking site in Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakstan
The main purpose of this game according to developer point of view when he arrested to clean the society those who deemed and no value people.
In March 2017, when Russian authorities arrested Mr. Phllip, he admitted 16 teenage suicides himself when he plays a game only in Russia and worldwide figure may reach 150 people

Procedure of Game

F57 Group main focus a teenager group which aged between 15 to 20 years, when someone downloading the game they get each and every information of kids, and then the team of BLUE WHALE GAME gave fifty targets for fifty days to play with him
Some task easy like wake up midnight and take a picture send to administrator, But with the passage of time task likes to the roof, watch scary movies, listen music, cut the lip, cut the arms and design a picture of Whale (Fish) in the arms, whole day watch scary video on net, go to the bridge and closed the eyes, start smoking, drinking, alcohol, bad for human. Also, administrator of game developer get the personal information personal Picture, home address and some more information from user, this information uses for blackmailing when someone do not complete the task to suicide himself

Conclusion Author message

If someone is threatening you or your family if you do not finish the game, please tell your parents, police, or other adults. They will help you, knowledge is a power, tell someone others until you find someone to help you

They can play with your minds if you can trap such activates immediately tell parents or elder
Spread awareness more and more innocent people about this
Stay safe stay bless, love the life and enjoy the life
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