How to identify iPhone fake or real Apple iPhone

Without iPhone which makes famous technology Giant of Apple Company Smartphone nothing, the first name comes to the mind of every person iPhone Icon and its sale in secondary handsets also in the world. But many people do not know that many people sell fake phones are more common than actual devices, and most people are happy to buy them, but they get worse or cause problems quickly. So if you also want to buy an iPhone, then make sure to see some below mention functionality in iPhone before purchasing

Check out button original or not

The first option to check button in the original iPhone is in the upper corner, while the volume and switch and color switch on the left side, if the switch or the button is not there, the phone you are viewing are counterfeit, but at the right place If there are present, press them several times to see whether they are loose or fit properly, in the iPhone iPad, the buttons are high quality.

Check the Screen

The real iPhone does not have screen clerks and picslet, which is why the retina displays, is used; the fake iPhone screens color is dim, due to the use of cheap pipes.

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When iPhone on

When you turn on the iPhone, the fake iPhone will have words on the Welcome screen such as Welcome and the other hand iPhone logo will be displayed on the real phone. On the Home screen, also see the iPhone Store icon and click on it, if they take it to the Google Store, it appears to be false.


Camera quality

According to my opinion, fourth things which are seen on iPhone are camera quality is very good or not, while fake iPhone photos quality are very bad and often fog, try different camera and videos to see or determine the result of camera

View storage

Most authentication things  in iPhone has phone storage fixes such as eight GB (only in iPhone 5C), 16GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB, to enhance storage in fake iPhone A memory card is required, if you see a memory card slot somewhere on the phone, know that it is fake. Must remember no memory card slot in any iPhone model

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Multiple Tasks

Open the Music app and play in the Background, then open another app by checking how the phone’s performance is, it is very difficult to keep the performance on running two apps for fake iPhones simultaneously. The iPhone works smooth on opening multiple applications.

See Serial Number

Go to the settings of your phone and go to General and then click on Now, you will find the Serial Number, then after visiting the Apple website, register the serial number to see whether it is real or not. The phone will be fake if it is invalid.

You may visit the Apple site link are below