Top 10 Technologies banned across the world amazing info

Today we are living in a technology world, our life mostly depends upon recent technologies invention. We all mostly use social media, like facebook, twitter, chat application like WhatsApp, we chat, taxi app,iPhone app, and Smartphone, our main topic which 10 countries where some technology banned from his government

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1: Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Youtube
China government banned Facebook, Whatsapp, Google in his countries, as usual, China promotes his own made product, so the citizen of China uses own technologies search engine and chat app.Bangladesh also banned temporary Facebook in 2010 due to security reason, Pakistan also banned YouTube but recently again open

2: VPN
Russian Securities authorities sign a law which implements Nov 2017 to ban some website which accesses through censored content with the help of VPN (Virtual Private Network)

3: iPods in Israel
Israel also banned iPods in 2010, duration not be longer than two weeks

4: Mobile phone in Cuba
President Federal Castro banned Mobile Phone in 2008 in Cuba; Castro assumed mobile Company spreading suspicious activities of US Government in Cuba

5: Video Games in Midnight
South Korea government passes a law online Video game banned after midnight to 06:00 am less than 18 age in 2011

6: BlackBerry
In 2010 Saudi Arabia Ban sending receiving SMS, email which sending through Blackberry
Pakistan is the other country which banned Blackberry messaging and internet service due to security concern in 2016

7: Google Street View cars
Austria and Greece also banned Google Street View cars roaming due to privacy concern, after sometimes later service ban lifted but strict privacy policy

8: Facebook free basic internet scheme
In Feb. 2016.India bans free basics internet scheme, while scheme offers free internet services in the certain website. The scheme actually for developing countries to provide affordable internet service in these areas. Due to securities breaches Government and internet service provider ban this now in India

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9: Apple News
In 2015 China, Majority of Apple news user met the message in the display area “Sorry news is not supported in your area” unless Access through VPN

10: Music for Marathon Runner in the USA
In 2007, Due to safety of Marathon runner portable music devices banned in the USA